Chapter and a proud supporter of the Cash Bitcoin Roger Ver (Roger Ver) invited its Twitter followers to send “a little bit BCH” chief economist of the Hong Kong stock exchange Susanu BA (Ba Shusong), so he advertised the cryptocurrency among its followers.

“Now I explain Bitcoin to Cash Shusong BA, chief economist of the Hong Kong stock exchange. Show him how wonderful BCH, sending to the address a little bit [of cryptocurrency], so he could tell me about her 9 million followers on his Weibo,” – said in a tweet.

Apparently, the address specified Ver, was created specifically for this demonstration because until today, this wallet was empty.

Community members took a Faith without enthusiasm: as of 11:09 UTC this address was sent only 0,206 BCH. In addition, in the comments of this entry, many users expressed their indignation at the proposal of Faith to bribe a public official.

At the moment the tweet is already deleted:

We will remind that in April in cryptosuite there was a movement against The participants blamed Roger’s Belief that he intentionally blurs the line between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, introducing confusion. The group intended to file a lawsuit in court, however, refused this idea, because they could not raise enough money. However, this movement still bear fruit in that the content of the website there have been significant changes, and BCH it is now referred to as Bitcoin Cash, and not just Bitcoin.