The head of the blockchain-direction IBM Corporation Jess Lund expressed support for the project Stellar, saying that developed by the start-up decentralized platform is remarkable, scalable, high-performance bloccano open source and has a high flexibility.

Last week The International Business Machines Corporation has announced the launch of the project with the participation of Veridium Labs, in which the Stellar blockchain will be used for tokenization quotas on carbon emissions. Last used by companies whose operations involve significant risks of environmental pollution. Received from the sale of tokens Verde income will be allocated for the reforestation of woodland with an area of 250 square miles on the island of Borneo.

Simultaneously, Jess Lund took time to Reddit, where they held a AMA session (ask me anything).

Jesse Lund IBM VP AMA 5/15/2018 (Lot”s of Stellar mentions, Jesse answered my questions around 18:30 regarding their payments network, CLS Group, and R3) from r/Stellar

In its course he said that a big fan is Stellar and that IBM is actively engaged in joint development with startup.

“IBM chose partners blockchain startup Stellar, because this decentralized platform has a high flexibility. Stellar is a wonderful, scalable, high-performance bloccano open source”, said Lund.

Monday, may 21, Jess Lund has announced a new AMA session that will be devoted to the cooperation of IBM, and Stellar, noting that “this is becoming a habit.”

It’s starting to become a habit! But looking forward to talking with the @StellarOrg community today @ 1PM Eastern at @IBMBlockchain

— Jesse Lund (@jesselund) 21 May 2018

Note that in the previous session, answering the question about the obstacles associated with the adoption of the blockchain and cryptocurrency, Jess Lund noted that this mainly depends on the marketing and reputation of a startup, needs the effect of which can only be obtained over time.

As an example, he referred to the same difficult transition from metal coins to paper money, which at the time opposed the government.

Lund also noted that as soon as it stops heated arguments and debates surrounding the cryptocurrency, companies around the world begin to use the innovative technology.

“I see bitcoin as a utility. Cryptocurrency itself creates value because bitcoin is a global Autonomous network, aims to convert electricity into digital money, which in turn can be quickly and safely transferred anywhere in the world without intermediaries with the ability to convert to any major currency. Send the digital currency as easy as sending an email. This is the biggest value of bitcoin and altcoins”, — he said.

As mentioned earlier ForkLog until the end of 2018 team Stellar plans to introduce in the source code of the project Protocol Lightning Network.