74,48% Hasrat network bitcoin is under the control of the six mining-pools, half of which are “directly or indirectly” controlled by the Chinese company Bitmain. This is stated in a new report portal ChainDD.

In particular, BTC.com have 21,35% Hasrat network Antpool – of 13.97% and ViaBTC, which at the time invested Bitmain, – 10,51%.

Thus, even a reduction in the price of bitcoin has not led to the decentralization of the hash capacity, analysts say.

“Major mining companies can maintain a high level of computing power even in the face of a bear market, as have the advantage in the matter of the cost of electricity and equipment,” added the researchers.

Record the average amount of bitcoins produced was recorded in January 2018, when the miners received 2038 BTC. The minimum occurred in November — 1612 BTC per day, which might be related to hardforum Bitcoin Cash.

In General, for 2018, Hasrat bitcoin increased by 173%. During this period, the difficulty of mining has changed 27 times. 5 December 2018 was the second largest in the history of bitcoin is the reduction of complexity by 15.13%. First by 18.03% — on 31 October 2011.

Note that in early February, Hasrat bitcoin reached the mark of 50 CS/s.

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