Online Bank Swissquote Bank this month will open cryptomaterials service. About it reported in a press release.

According to representatives of financial institutions, from March 21 to retail and institutional users will be able to transfer cryptocurrency with external wallets to their accounts to Swissquote. On the service’s website says that Storage Crypto AG is a proprietary solution for managing private keys using “hardware security modules high-level” (HSM).

“The same HSM are used in the National Bank of Switzerland. Nothing is transferred from the outside and nobody will be able to gain unauthorized access to data”, — said the head of the Crypto Storage Stijn Vander Straten.

He also added that servers located in a former military bunker in the Alps, protected from nuclear threats.

Note that Swissquote is not new of kryptonyte. In 2017, the Bank in partnership with the stock exchange Bitstamp has launched a service to trade bitcoin.

ForkLog also previously reported that crypto-currencies have helped to make Bank Swissquote is more cost effective.