21 may, a group of securities regulators in Canada and the United States announced the “international hard course” against the cryptocurrency fraud. The initiative, named Operation Cryptosweep, presented to the public during the presentation, which held the North American Association of securities administrators (NASAA).

First about this project wrote the Washington Post, and further details were outlined in press releases issued by the Department of Commerce and insurance tn (TDCI) and the Bureau of securities of Texas (TSSB).

According to the statements of those agencies, within the framework of Cryptosweep since the beginning of this month we held “approximately 70 investigations and inquiries, as well as adopted or considered 35 measures of impact”. It is reported that is underway and other investigations.

The initiative is gaining momentum since April, when a Taskforce consisting of members of NASAA, gathered to “begin the coordination of a series of investigations of the ICO and investment products related to cryptocurrency”, a spokesman for the TDCI.

The representative NASAA has not yet responded to a request for comment, but other participants in the operation sketched a picture of a large-scale project to combat fraud. They mentioned, for example, the prosecution of authors of false advertising, to use in their schemes the names of celebrities such as actress Jennifer aniston.

Assistant Commissioner TDCI Frank Borger-Gilligan stated that “the measures announced today are only the tip of the iceberg.”

Agreed with him Joseph rotunda, head of TSSB for work with law enforcement, saying:

The market of cryptocurrency investment is filled with scammers, and yet we managed to thwart them only in the most egregious episodes.