Quoine startup engaged in developing solutions for cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a new trading platform which, according to him, will provide the market liquidity.

Portal for trading cryptocurrencies Liquid gives users access to “worldwide network of bitcoin exchanges”, — said in a press release.

While the lack of liquidity “hinders the development of crypto-currency markets”, Liquid is intended to significantly change the situation. Since the launch of the Liquid allows users to make transactions using the “multiple transactions and cryptocurrency” and exchanging of cryptocurrency among themselves and also in pairs with the Singapore dollar (SGD).

In the future Quoine promises to expand the “world book” that will collect the bids and prices from various bitcoin exchanges in a single volume of applications and will allow users to place bids in the currency of their choice.

As an example in the white paper mentioned Liquid trader from Germany who wants to sell bitcoins and uses the world book for gaining access to a highly liquid pair with the Euro. If his application for sale in a pair BTC/EUR will be combined with the purchase requisition in the pair BTC/SGD, “foreign currency exchange will be carried out within the system.” After the transaction both parties will receive funds in the currency of their choice.

“The cryptocurrency market needs stability. This year’s 30-day volatility index BTC/USD almost all the time exceeded 3% in the beginning of the year, even up to 8%. Liquid paves the way for a less volatile future, increasing liquidity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem”, said co-founder and CEO of Quoine Mike Kayamori.

Quoine is the licensed operator of the stock exchange cryptocurrencies, has received approval to operate in the financial services Agency of Japan in September 2017.

In November of the same year, the company raised $105 million through the sale of its token-QASH, who she promised to let the development of the platform Liquid. Utility-token QASH will be used on the platform, allowing users to access its services.

In its latest press release the company also named a number of functions, which it plans to implement in its platform, including the possibility of withdrawal up to certain limits without full identification, as well as replenish accounts using Bank cards and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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