IBM and Sberbank put on the blockchain, and the giant American IT industry is planning to invest in the development of new technologies much more than the Russian Bank. According to employees of the company, now IBM has sold about five hundred blockchain projects and applications worked a half thousand people. In addition to the financial sector blockchain development IBM is focused on insurance, logistics and healthcare.

IBM и Сбербанк ставят на блокчейн

On the last day of August the company has already launched a network for international transactions IBM Blockchain World Wire built on the blockchain Stellar, although considering the General bear market is not particularly affected the course XLM.

Initiative of the savings Bank yet modest – in conjunction with the California 500 Startups domestic Bank intends to invest up to 10 million RUB to 25 IT projects including new FINTECH services on the blockchain. Selection of applications will last until October 6, from applicants require a working product, at least in the limited version.