In Poland, launch a national media campaign to alert users about the risks associated with cryptocurrencies and investments in them. By order of the Service for financial-budget supervision (KNF), local television and radio, and social media in June will broadcast the commercials, the main task of which is to convey that despite the growing interest in ICO and crypto-currencies, prospective investors should understand the risks of these ‚Äúspeculative instruments‚ÄĚ and not to allow to mislead yourself of those who offer easy and quick money. KNF also wants to emphasize that compared to the traditional regulated markets of the cryptocurrency sphere is vague and poorly controlled area.

The project budget provides for 1.75 million PLN to the placement of materials on radio and TV and 615 thousand PLN for the placement of commercials on the Internet and social networks.

We will remind, in February of this year it became known that the new Dubiel Marcin (Marcin Dubiel) with approximately 1 million subscribers on YouTube, has received $30 thousand from the Central Bank of Poland and financial supervision authority (FSA) for a video in which cryptocurrencies are exposed in a negative light. And although, according to some, the Ministry of Finance plans in law to waive the levying of taxes for the conduct of cryptocurrency transactions of the market players do feel the pressure. So, local cryptocurrency exchange BitBay forced to move to Malta, because it does not have the ability to obtain banking services at home.