The motherboard manufacturer Asus has introduced a new product for cryptocurrency miners — Mining H370 Master.

This is the second generation of specialized mining products manufacturer in Taiwan — last year, the company issued B250 Mining Expert, supporting the connection of 19 cards through the ports.

H370 Mining Master simultaneously supports 20 graphics cards using the PCIe-over-USB, which simplifies the connection chain and increases the reliability of the system, said Asus.

“Mining is a game with numbers; it’s worth it, if the value of cryptocurrency generated by you exceeds the cost of its creation. The increase in the number of cards on the site — a great way to shuffle the deck in your favor,” said the company in a statement.

H370 Mining Master also includes a set of diagnostic functions designed to simplify platform management. They allow you to track the status of the GPU, the status of each port and possible problems.

“Less time on maintenance of your car means more time on mining, so Mining H370 Master includes a set of diagnostic functions designed to simplify management of your platform,” reads the statement of the Asus.

The company from Taiwan is not the first of the traditional manufacturers of computer components who are trying to benefit from the mining boom. Another Taiwanese company ASRock has announced the release of the Phantom line of graphics cards Gaming Series, designed for miners. Two of the world’s largest GPU manufacturer — the American company AMD, and Nvidia have already announced that will be forced due to mining to increase production.