Overstock plans to launch its platform for trading security-tokens tZero by the end of next week. This was stated by founder and CEO Patrick Byrne (Patrick Byrne).

In comments to CoinDesk, he said, the company “prepared to push the button and launch the platform today,” but the developers decided to wait a few more days to handle user registration.

“However, by the end of next week we will launch a trading system. This is an important moment for us, we went to it four years,” added Byrne.

This statement means that tZero will be fit in time named last month by President Medici Ventures (venture Fund and Overstock video the parent company tZero) Jonathan Johnson (Jonathan Johnson). In conversation with CoinDesk in December, he said that the platform will be launched in January.

Earlier this month, tZero began the transfer of its security tokens to investors.

tZero is a major asset in the portfolio Medici Ventures and ambitious attempt to break the practice of trading in securities on wall street. According to Patrick Byrne, in five years, all shares will be licenzirovanie.