In conversation with CoinDesk, the head of Overstock Patrick Byrne said that the launch of the platform for trading security-tokens tZERO will be held at the end of next week.

According to him, the company “is ready to press the button and start work today.” However, it was decided to provide a few extra days, to ensure that all users have time to register.

“However, at the end of next week we will launch a trading system, added Byrne. — This is important, four years we went to it”

TZERO will be headed by Stephen Hopkins, who was previously COO and General counsel in Medici.

The company is negotiating with about 60 different companies regarding the issue and add their security token to the platform tZERO. It is not excluded that the first will add your tokens to the new platform company Elio Motors producing a lightweight three-wheeled vehicles.

We will remind, recently tZERO unlock security tokens investors.

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