Zcash for the money with increased anonymity, in the morning of 26 June, delivered its first fork called Overwinter. The update was activated on the 500 block 347, according to Coindesk.

This event is primarily focused on the preparation of the code zcash for hard forks to the Sapling, which is scheduled for October this year and should improve the performance of cryptocurrency to version control and protection against re-play updates of the network.

Josh Swihart, marketing Director of the company zcash for, after the fork in his blog explained that the key to its success was the implementation of a network of two-level control model updates. The first level is an additional update, which aims at “the removal of chaos imposed by other models of management, when users are forced to go on a certain way without their knowledge or consent.” The second level is “explanation and education”, which has helped operators of sites “make informed decisions” for future hardforce to implement them.

Although it was not immediately clear how many nodes have completed the fork Overwinter, engineer zcash for Simon Liu said that the update “was unanimously supported by all parties.” Indeed, 12 exchanges and lots of mining pools publicly supported Overwinter.

After activation Overwinter the company zcash for published road map for two years. First of all, the attention of developers will focus on “privacy by default”, i.e. default to z-addresses in which the data about the balances and transactions are hidden. Currently the default public t address. Zcash for also plans to conduct global marketing research options for the use of cryptocurrency to “better understand current use and identify opportunities for improvement.”