The American company opened trading Coinbase cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic (ETC).

ETC-ETC and USD-BTC order books are now in full trading mode! Limit, market and stop orders are all now available.

ETC–will remain in EUR limit-only mode.

— Coinbase Pro (@CoinbasePro) 8 Aug 2018

Users available ETC trading pair USD/ETC/ETC and EUR/BTC.

It is worth noting that in tandem with the Euro traders, the only option available limit orders.

Price Ethereum Classic, meanwhile, rushed for a falling market, not demonstrated growth on the background of the opening auction.

So, for the last day ETC the average rate decreased by 7% to $15,13 and ranking coins by market capitalization asset dropped to 13th place, completely losing the advantage achieved after the announcement of listing on Coinbase.

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However ETC is ranked 6th on the daily trading volume, behind only bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum and Tether.

Earlier, the Robinhood platform added support for Ethereum Classic. All through the day there was a listing on Coinbase.