Representatives of the Mozilla team announced on 8 August that adds cryptocurrency wallet in the version of the browser for desktop computers. To this decision they were pushed by the success of crypto-currency wallet for Android, which was launched in July.

Charles Hamill, head of product Opera Crypto, said:

Adding a wallet to the browser for personal computers marks the second step Opera to make cryptocurrency and web 3.0 mass phenomena.

In order to use the wallet in the browser on a desktop computer, you will need to associate it with Android device by scanning the QR code. The keys will be stored in the mobile device.

Wallet in the desktop browser will allow Opera users to buy and store crypto currencies, but all transactions will need to confirm via mobile phones.

Now the crypto Opera supports Ethereum, and token standards, ERC20, and collectibles on the blockchain (for example, from the game CryptoKitties).

While the launch date of the new version of browser is not called.

Opera came out in the cryptocurrency field in January, presenting its users with a built-in protection from cryptogamia. Six months later the company filed with the Commission on securities and exchange Commission application for an IPO with the intention to raise $115 million