On 26 November, the crypto currency exchange OKEx, some of its users will be available a beta version of the new service to generate additional revenue from stored on the platform free assets – OK PiggyBank.

As expected, unlimited transfer limits the amount of funds in the “piggy Bank” to get the daily interest rate or to transfer assets out can be at any time. However, the interest on the Deposit will accrue from the day after Deposit, and automatic transfer to the account will be made on the third day. In addition, with the new service, customers of crypto currency exchange will be able to take out loans with low interest rates, recalculations every hour and establish leverage.

While OKEx ensures that its advanced system in the field of risk management and cloud computing provides high security assets.

The private beta release of OK Collection will be launched on Nov 26! Simply deposit your spare tokens to the PiggyBank and you’ll get daily rewards. Details:

— OKEx (@OKEx) November 22, 2018

Recall that the closure of the futures contracts at $135 million at the Hong Kong crypto currency exchange OKEx taken the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash to protect clients from possible volatility have led to significant losses by leading traders. One of them filed a complaint with the Commission on securities and futures of Hong Kong (SFC).