Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange KUNA moved to the final stage of development “of cryptography”. About it last week in an interview with AIN said the founder of the platform Michael chobanian.

Initially, the function piatogo security token was supposed to perform means of traders, stored in UAH at the exchange’s wallet, but the KUNA refused this model:

“From this concept we left, because it is not scalable. It will not be able to participate legal entities. We also need “physics” (physical persons — ed.) will be able to send money from your Bank account (not card Visa/Mastercard, and 2600 — the current account), because there is no limit to UAH 150 000, which is on the map. There are absolutely no limitations — you can send at least a billion. We, in principle, and should be.”

Now the exchange is awaiting the results of audits and “stress tests” for new legal models. According to Chobanyan, it will take two to three weeks, after which KUNA intends to proceed with its implementation. In parallel, said chobanian, exchange specialists carried out the revision token in a secure virtual environment. He did not disclose details, but assured that the asset will do will be decentralized and put into circulation before the adoption by the Ukrainian authorities of the law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies:

“It’s not an easy process, particularly in Ukraine — to try to produce an analogue of the token rate, while not violating the laws […] a New model, in fact, will allow to work normally with the banking system. While indirectly referring to it. The national Bank is not in the business”.

The businessman added that he was following a similar project “e-rate” National Bank of Ukraine, but he stressed that stabilin KUNA — private initiative. In the end, said chobanian, one of the assets “[…] will survive and absorb the other. But the right to life have both.”

Stablein will appear on the exchanges in 2019; chobanian expects that during the first six months to a year after the beginning of commercial operation of asset exchange will bring 1 billion hryvnia.

Recall that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine plans to implement the Concept of state policy on legalization and classification of cryptocurrency activity until the end of 2021.