In 2019, according to the amendments to the state budget, Norway will cancel preferential electricity tariffs for the crypto currency miners. Thus, from 1 January charge for 1 kWh of electricity for them will rise with an era of 0.48 ($0.05) and to 16.58 era ($1,94).

According to the Deputy of the local Parliament Haltbrekken Lars (Lars Haltbrekken), the country can no longer provide huge tax breaks dirtiest form of cryptocurrency, as bitcoin mining requires a lot of energy and leads to higher greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

The head of the blockchain and Advisory company Blockchangers of Oslo Jon Ramvi (Jon Ramvi) believes that the decline in mining activity in Norway will lead to lower electricity prices for companies and households.

And chief economist of the Norwegian group of companies ICT Norway Serva Roger (Roger Schjerva) is convinced that the adoption of such decisions without consultations and discussions with representatives of kriptonyte undermines confidence in the reliability of the government in the country, which was previously distinguished by political stability and predictable framework conditions.

Recall that recently was in Germany, the company Northern Bitcoin start mining cryptocurrency on the subject located within the former Norwegian mine, claiming that it helped to significantly reduce the energy costs for mining.