The developers of the Protocol to address problems of scale and privacy of the block chain MimbleWimble said that within two years after the launch of the core network Grin there will be regularly scheduled hardforce.

Every six months a consensus algorithm Proof-Of-Work will be made certain changes in order to keep ASIC miners aside. This is stated in the technical roadmap of the project.

Main developer Grin under the pseudonym Ignotus Peverell stressed that ASIC miners can be ready for your first day of work for the main network, which will lead to almost instant centralization of mining. It is noteworthy that Peverell intends to limit the impact of ASIC devices only in the short term.

“I think we all have to admit, although a year ago, it was not a fait accompli that ASIC miners won,”he said.

Two years after the launch of the core network Grin will switch to the algorithm of consensus PoW “Cuckoo Cycle”. The developers expect that at that time the market for the production of ASIC devices will become more competitive and Bitmain will be serious opponents.

However, the team working on various iterations MimbleWimble, recognize the danger of the secret ASIC miners and the complexity of the struggle with this type of mining.

We will remind, earlier it was launched on the third test network Grin. The launch of the core network is scheduled for the end of this year.

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