At the meeting on September 14, the Ethereum developers have agreed that hardwork Constantinople will be activated in a test network in October. In the core network it is planned to start in November-December of the current year.

As previously reported, Constantinople includes changes designed to improve the efficiency of the platform to change its economic policies, and postpone the so-called “bomb complexity.”

Activation hard forks in a cross-client test network Ropsten will be carried out in the area on 9 October. Due to the fact that the time of confirmation of blocks in the test environment it is impossible to predict the block number, which will be activated will be announced later.

Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin also attended the conference. He noted that the changes vytekanie from the approximation “bomb difficulty” will not be felt for some months, therefore, of urgent necessity in the launch of Constaninople no. “Probably, we still have three months, maybe more,” said he.

At the meeting, the developers also discussed the EIP, is included in subsequent hardwork Istanbul, to be held 8 months after the introduction of Constantinople. In particular, do I need to amend PoW-algorithm to reduce the effectiveness of ASIC mining. Until a final decision on this issue pending. The developer Danny Ryan (Danny Ryan) announced that the work on Casper, a proposal to transfer Ethereum on the new consensus algorithm, is in progress.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that hardwork Constantinople will be launched in the core network October. And in the beginning of this week, Ethereum client Parity stated that it had implemented the code in its Constantinople BY and ready to proceed to testing it.