The Western media has reported that Microsoft has ceased to accept bitcoin payments. Despite the fact that this option is still available, users are unable to use it.

One of the customers, the company claims to have received from the support team the following response:

“Option payment in bitcoin should have been deleted a Microsoft some time ago.”

At the moment, Microsoft clients concerned with the question of what happened to the BTC payments they tried to hold.

According to one of the users who tried to make a payment in bitcoins, BTC account, this amount was removed, but on the balance of your Microsoft account, it never appeared. Where hung these funds is not yet clear.

However, the company does not comment on the situation. It’s probably just a glitch in the payment system that needs to be addressed. It is also possible that Microsoft decided to abandon support for the cryptocurrency.

A few months ago, the option of payment in bitcoins was transferred from Microsoft to the user accounts. Many regarded this change as a step towards a complete abandonment of support payments in the cryptocurrency.

Yet with Microsoft there is no official statement, users are advised to refrain from using BTC to pay for the services of the company.

Recall that Microsoft have accepted bitcoins for payment in 2014. In 2016 on the company’s website has information about what the opportunity is canceled, however it soon became clear that this text was posted by mistake.

In January 2018 users again noticed the cancellation of the acceptance of bitcoin payments on the company’s website. Microsoft took one day to respond to media reports and restore support for this option.