Co-founder of Google Sergey Brin talked about his fascination with mining ETH. During yesterday’s speech at the Blockchain Summit in 2018 he also said that packaged the your ten year old son:

“A year or two ago, my son strongly urged me that we need a gaming PC. I told him, “Okay, but if we buy a gaming PC, we should mine the cryptocurrency”. So we set the client for Ethereum, and since then earned a few pennies, a few dollars.”

Joining the main speakers at the last moment, Brin also expressed his admiration of the zero knowledge protocols zcash for, calling them “stunning”. In his opinion, the future of the blockchain and authentication data depends on including from this kind of “incredible” technology. Similar algorithms have been partially implemented in the Ethereum network.

Breen, who served as President of parent company Google, Alphabet, appreciated the policy of the IT giant in relation to the blockchain as ineffective. According to the programmer, “Google has failed” to come to the forefront in this area.

In the last message the investors Sergey Brin said that the world is experiencing a “technological Renaissance”, and Ethereum is its integral part. Writes TrustNodes, personal favor Brin may serve as an additional confirmation of the hypothetical partnerships Ethereum and Google. Recall that the rumors appeared after the appearance in social networks pictures from the meeting of representatives of the Ethereum Foundation and ConsenSys with the head of the Board of Directors of Google Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt).

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