The developers of the plugin MetaMask blocked popular decentralized application 333ETH, acknowledging his Scam project.

One user wrote on Twitter that MetaMask blocked “most popular” decentralized application (DApp) for Ethereum just because “they don’t like.” What MetaMask replied that it “has never been the most popular DApp” and that it was actively involved in phishing:

This site was never the most used Dapp, and it was actively phishing people. We will be adding the ability to skip our block page, we don’t mean to tell people what they can visit, but this site is an active scam.

— MetaMask (@metamask_io) September 27, 2018


In MetaMask agreed to add the option to skip the lock screen generated by the security service on untrusted sites, however, continue to insist that the application is active Scam. Thus 333ETH became part of the block list plug-MetaMask called a bridge between Ethereum and Internet users.

As for the popularity 333ETH, according to sites like DappRadar y State of the DApps, it really is such, but even there, marked as highly risky:


According to the description of the project, in exchange for the initial payment team ETH333 promises investors a “lifetime” payment in ETH (3.33% daily) through the use of smart technology contracts.

Team MetaMask concerned that to date, the balance 333ETH, according DappRadar is more than 7000 ETH that at the current market price is equal to more than half a billion dollars.

Not so long ago, well-known financial expert Nouriel Roubini (Nouriel Roubini) linked the fall in the price of ETH no network active decentralized application (DApp):

“No wonder Ethereum falls. 75% DApp is a crypto-kittens, fraudulent pyramid scheme, Ponzi and casino games. The remaining 25% is DEX, which nobody uses, because 99% of transactions have on centralized exchanges. And 99% of cryptocurrencies have already lost 99% of its value. A complete collapse!”.