FINTECH company BxB Inc from South Korea launched the first stablein tied to the national currency is the won (KRW).

Prior to the global launch of the coin KRWb was beta testing on a decentralized exchange Airswap. According to the company,
KRWb is already available on three exchanges, negotiations for listing with other sites.

Stable token provided 1:1 won, the initial Deposit of 400 million KRW ($360 thousand) for the corresponding emission KRWb was provided by the Korean company and BxB Capital, based in Singapore.

Stablon KRWb released based on the standard ERC-20 Ethereum.

Recall that the largest stabilini such as USDT company Tether USD Coin (USDC) from a Circle, Paxos Standard (PAX) blockchain startup Paxos and Gemini Dollar (GUSD) from the Gemini Trust the Winklevoss brothers, pegged to the us dollar. But projects run stable tokens, supported the Euro, British pound, Australian dollar, Japanese yen and even bitcoin.