On 26 July, the blockchain-a platform for ICO, crowd-funding and crowd-investing KIKICO was under attack. This was announced by the founder and the head of the project Anti Danilevsky (Anti Danilevski) in his blog on Medium.

According to him, the hackers managed to obtain access to a smart contract KickCoin, having obtained the private key of its owner. As a result of hacking it was stolen more than 70 million tokens KICK a total value of $7.7 million

The team learned about the incident after complaints from several victims discovered their wallets missing tokens in the amount of $800 thousand

Until the hackers had complete access to the smart contract KickCoin, they destroyed 40 addresses, and has created 40 new accounts with identical balances, thus stealing money from 40 user accounts. Because tokens are stolen from the blockchain KIKICO, was re-played, after the incident, the total number of tokens in the network of the project remained the same.

After a few hours of hacking team KIKICO managed to restore access to the smart contract and to replace the compromised private key to the key of the cold wallet to protect the network and the remaining funds to users.

In its statement, the Anti Danilevsky said that the owners of the 40 compromised accounts will receive their money back.

At the moment the control network is fully restored, and funds of customers are safe, assured KIKICO.

Recall that in the course of the ICO, which was completed in September, the blockchain platform KIKICO attracted more than 80 thousand ETH (about $23.6 million). Later in the same month, the project has updated its issued token and went on trading with tokens instead of KICK KickCoins.