On Saturday the tradition of the journal ForkLog presents an overview of triptolemos over the past week.

Bitcoin has secured the position that was reached during the previous week and Tuesday, July 24, broke through the psychological mark of $8,000.


— Larry (@TechnicalCrypto) 23 Jul 2018

Training Day @TenaciousBTC @theonevortex @btcArtGallery @btcseminar @BitcoinBirch @ToneVays @LandM_Marius @iamjosephyoung @nvk @Crypto_Bitlord pic.twitter.com/4mf0eGOAf2

— CryptoVogue (@RealCryptoVogue) 23 Jul 2018

Discussion of the long-awaited first growth of bitcoin has gone far beyond the crypto community.

Oh, that sweet moment when bitcoin shows who’s the daddy!

$btc and #alts now pic.twitter.com/nKeoxcCWpz

— mocho17 (@cryptomocho) 23 Jul 2018

I present: “#Bitcoin the Conqueror”

A celebration of out bitcoins’s dominance in a highly adversarial ecosystem. No better time to put this one out there. $BTC $BCH $XRP pic.twitter.com/9CZKMRuxz8

Ti Kawamoto (@TiKawamoto) 24 Jul 2018

…giving you, in turn, feel Batey)

A reversal chart is appreciated by many:

It’s time to tell you how it is ambiguous in the technical analysis:

However, a positive signal is again made everyone believe in the sanctity of cryptocurrency and the transient nature of Fiat:

The most difficult thing in such a situation, it seems, remains the choice Aldona for investment,…

In this market it’s really hard from r/cryptomemes

… to feel, to rejoice:

With all these UPS and downs is not difficult and health to undermine… And here you come to the hospital and everything is on the blockchain crossed:

However, you can always ignore and find cons in any, even the most successful ICO:

In turn, users Facebook this week decided to improvise and compose commandments for followers of the stock market.

Regardless of whether, you live according to the commandments or not, it is worth remembering that the door of the stock market has no outlet.

Once you’re in, you’re in! No turning back this time. Let’s all go to the moon! 🚀🚀🚀#crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptomarket #cryptomemes #bitcoin #btc #altcoins pic.twitter.com/KEaXT19T27

— SnipersTube (@sniperstube) 24 Jul 2018

So HODL, Criptana)

shoutout to all #hodlers — STAY STRONG! 💪✊#hodl #cryptomemes #bitcoinmeme #bitcoin #blckchain pic.twitter.com/1sJI3O9fd4

— CryptoMemes4You (@CryptoMemes4You) July 27, 2018

Vancouver memories — my biggest painting ever crypto #bitcoin #cryptoart #satoshigallery pic.twitter.com/3swd2GiDbz

— Satoshigallery (@satoshigallery) 25 Jul 2018