Veteran of the crypto industry and well-known developer of bitcoin Jameson Lopp went on increasing in a start-up Casa, having obtained there the post of technical Director. This writes CoinDesk.

In his new role Lopp will focus on how to ensure compliance of the company’s products offer corporate service cold (offline) storage of cryptocurrency, only the annual fee for which is $10,000, and a waiting list has more than one hundred users.

Casa digital wallet, which the founder of a startup Jeremy Welch calls “premium hodl software” uses multisig system: when it is opened, it creates five private keys, three of which must sign for the transaction. One key is stored on the phone from the user, the second – the representatives of the company and is used in case you lose the first key. The other three keys are stored in hardware wallets best wallet or Ledger.

In addition, Casa is developing additional products designed to help customers manage placed on long-term storage of bitcoins, including the protection of hardware wallets, and succession planning. Also Jameson Lopp will be involved in the development of complementary products and their safe maintenance up to date, when Casa will add support for other cryptocurrencies.

“I see complexity and the need to compromise, when we as an organization will begin to support a wide range of applications. It will be interesting to solve these problems,” said Lopp.

In addition to the service for storing bitcoins, Casa also produces its own hardware node for network Lightning Network. First introduced in September of this year, they represent a devices with pre-loaded bloccano bitcoin for fast synchronization and an intuitive interface for management.

Devices designed primarily for users that do not have significant technical expertise, which often still required to run Lightning nod. According to Loppa, to date the company has sold more than 500 of these devices that is about 12% of all nodes in a network Lightning Network. Until the end of the year, the company plans to reach 20-25%.

Recall, Jameson Lopp came to Casa in March of this year, leaving the company BitGo, where he also held the position of technical Director.

In October, head of strategic development, Casa is taken by ex-CEO and co-founder of Satoshi Labs, Alain Corvids best wallet.