Singapore cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin raised $20 million in funding round series A from companies IDG Capital, Matrix Partners and Global Capital, Neo, who also signed with her partnership agreement for the introduction of cryptocurrencies into mass use.

KuCoin Raises Series A Round of Funding
See the official announcement here:https://t.co/L9xQGileBG pic.twitter.com/iDFBvz29pG

— KuCoin Updates (@KuCoinUpdates) November 14, 2018

Funding will be focused on working on the second version of the trading platform, involving more opportunities to scale and add new tools. The launch of the updated facility is scheduled for early 2019.

In addition, KuCoin is preparing to expand its presence in the international market and increases customer service. Representation of crypto currency exchange before the end of this year should appear in Vietnam, Turkey, Italy, all Spanish-speaking countries and in Russia.

We will remind that earlier the crypto currency exchange, has invested $3 million in Australian Bitcoin Australia, together with her to create a joint venture for entering the local market.