One of the largest consulting companies in the field of management and information technology Capgemini has published its annual report containing data on the size of the state richest people in the world and the nature of their investment.

As the authors of the review, the investment of dollar millionaires in crypto-currencies has reached record levels. They note that the rich still interested in cryptocurrency and keen to invest in these funds. According to their information, 29% of millionaires have already purchased the digital currency or really want to do it, and 27% expressing interest.

The authors of the report noted that the topic of cryptocurrencies, the most popular among the young: 71.1% of the young millionaires I think it is important to obtain information about the digital currency from their investment managers, while among the millionaires over 60 years, the number of investigators is only 13%.

A graphic showing the interest of private persons with high income to purchase cryptocurrency and possession in the first quarter of 2018 (globally and by regions). The Capgemini

Experts Capgemini note:

Despite the uncertainty from the point of view of regulation and the sense of alertness, which did not allow the cryptanalyst to penetrate the industry of managing as a high demand for information on cryptocurrency from younger millionaires, most likely, will force money managers in the coming months at least to develop and provide their point of view on the market Outlook.

In General, the state’s millionaires grew by 10.6% compared with the 2017 year and reached a record $70.2 per trillion.. In this case by 2025, according to the forecast, this amount can reach $100 trillion.