Well-known entrepreneur, the founder of the company — developer of McAfee antivirus, and cryptanalytic analyst John McAfee will no longer recommend ICO. He wrote about this in his Twitter in response to a request to recommend a good tocancel:

Due to SEC threats, I am no longer working with ICOs nor am I recommending them, and those doing ICOs can all look forward to arrest. It is unjust but it is reality. I am writing an article on an equivalent alternative to ICOs which the SEC cannot touch. Please have Patience.

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) June 19, 2018

Because of the threat of SEC I never work with ICO and don’t make recommendations, but those who spend a ICO, can expect arrest. It’s unfair, but that is the reality. I’m writing an article about creditable alternative to the ICO, which will not reach the sec. Please be patient.

Bloomberg suggests that this position is McAfee can be attributed to the recent proposals of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) on the regulation of the ICO. Among them, questions about the regulation of tomenselo in accordance with the securities laws and the need for SEC registration. Some analysts say that the promoters ICO can break the law by acting as unregistered broker-dealers. In March, McAfee tweeted a link to the site where it was reported that one of its tweet promoting the ICO, is worth $105 000.