American company Square, is developing solutions for receiving and processing electronic payments, in a shareholders letter said that in the third quarter of 2018, the aggregate net income was $882 million, which is 51% higher than the same period last year.

The operations with bitcoin earned her $43 million, that is $6 million more than in the previous quarter. However, given the cost of purchasing cryptocurrency in the end, this direction brought the company for the last three months of $500 thousand.

According to the head of Square and Twitter Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey), users app Cash App use them as actively as Bank account: keep it in funds, pay for goods and purchases, send and receive funds from friends and relatives.

Recall that in the second quarter Square received from trading in bitcoin, $37 million However, with the cost, which reached $36.5 million, it earned in this area is about $420 thousand. In August, the service trading bitcoins in app Square Cash became available in all 50 States of the USA. In addition, the company has patented a new payment system, in which the parties can use any currency, including cryptocurrencies. In late October, the Square is also posted on GitHub the documentation, source code and tools your solutions for cold storage of bitcoins Subzero.