Japanese artists produced a manga (Japanese comics) called Shonen Crypto devoted to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. At the moment the comic is only available in electronic form. This writes Bitcoin.com.

According to the chief editor of the project, the Tarot, the main goal of the manga is to tell people about the benefits of cryptocurrencies and dispel the doubts about the vague prospects of digital money. He notes that this educational manga has become one of a kind.

The pilot issue of the comic called Crypto Heroes consists of six parts and has been translated into English. The first part tells of a hero named Bitcoin Senpai and his companions, who are fighting against Fiat currency: the dollar, the yen and the Euro.

In the second part the hero of Crypto-kun tells about the events in the world of kryptonyte, in particular, the pump of John McAfee, the bankruptcy of Mt Gox, same BitConnect and the bug on the Japanese stock exchange Zaif.

The newest issue, scheduled every three to four weeks. Each of them will cover new topics in the world of the digital economy and virtual coins. The project editor also announced plans to create anime music videos based on comics.

We will remind, in February, the Russian publishing house “Alpina publisher” has released the first domestic book on the blockchain.