Popular miner z-enemy again was updated to version 1.11 and got a few new features, and also became a bit faster on different algorithms. The miner has acquired a special popularity for mining cryptocurrency RavenCoin, but the developers continue to add new algorithms.

The project team reports that the performance is increased by 4-8% on the X17 algorithm and the algorithms X16R and X16S got an increase can see 1-3%. In addition, z-enemy-miner is faster to run on farms with multiple graphics cards, and the total number of supported GPUs on the same farm increased to 24 devices. The latest version of the miner has received the support of algorithms AeriumX, C11, and Skunk. Also, developers have reported about the finalization of the mining of cryptocurrencies on algorithms TimeTravel8 and Polytimos.

Recall that z-enemy is a miner for Nvidia closed-source, which comes only in binary form. The program is built from the Commission of the developers in the amount of 1%. Binaries available for Windows (only support CUDA 9.1) and Linux (support CUDA 8.0, 9.0 and 9.1).

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