Ethiopia is exploring the use of blockchain technology to track supplies of its main export commodity — coffee.

In the project of the African state is collaborating with scientific research on blockchain company IOHK. Partners have set the task: to develop an application based on DLT technology, applicable for the supply of coffee and other agricultural products.

IOHK’s main partner is the Ministry of science and technology of Ethiopia, but for the project the company intends to cooperate closely with other departments, entrepreneurs and startups in the country. The study focused on using the blockchain Cardano as a base for Ethiopian developers.

As explained by General Director of IOHK Charles Hoskinson (Charles Hoskinson), the company’s work in the country extends far beyond the specific blockchain-project tracking of deliveries.

“We also train the local blockchain developers, some of whom we hire. At the same time, others continue to apply the acquired skills in the economy. The first class will be female, and the goal is that graduates of this class has moved on to the creation of businesses in the cryptocurrency space technology Cardano” — said Hoskinson.

Recall that the use blockchain solutions to track supply chain is one of the most popular practical applications of new technologies. In December last year, reported the testing of such a blockchain platform with the participation of Unilever. Recently a pilot project for the monitoring of deliveries on the basis of DLT technology has launched the Alibaba Group. A similar project called TrustChain implemented a group of major companies of the market of precious metals and jewelry.