Police in Shenzhen have arrested six employees of the company PEB on suspicion of fraud 3000 Chinese investors that has invested $47 million in cryptocurrency scheme provided reserves of rare Tibetan Puer tea.

These results scammers have made over the period January 2017, when presented to the public Puer token Coin. On the project website, it was stated that a new cryptocurrency secured by the Puer, the price of which amounts to billions of dollars. For the spreading of false advertising information about the huge stocks of tea companies have been fined $20 million

According to local media, the tokens could be exchanged on the secondary market Jubi.com and the contract called for calculation of profit at 12% per annum, if the user agrees to submit their tools at the disposal of the organizers of the scheme for 12 months. According to police, in addition, the fraudsters manipulated the market and raised the price of the token 12.

Recall that a month ago in South Korea, the two organizers of a financial bitcoin pyramid, deceived investors a total of 20 billion won ($20 million), was fined $15 million and $8 million In 2015, they have created an illegal multi-level marketing scheme, through which attracted the money of investors, ensuring high return on investment in bitcoin.