The long wait is finally completed for the community project Augur, as the team officially announced the details related to his imminent deployment in the main Ethereum.

Augur #ethereum #blockchain target launch date of July 9th!

— Joey Krug (@joeykrug) may 17, 2018

Created by Jack Peters and joy Circle in 2014, Augur is the first major DApp created in blockcade Ethereum. It relates to the market forecasting designed for betting on the outcome of events. Already on 9 July, Augur will begin “migrating” your token REP in the main Ethereum network.

All REP will be frozen and will begin automatic migration balance REP. During this procedure, users will not need to do anything. However, in the cases with decentralized exchanges, such as EtherDelta/ForkDelta, IDEX and OasisDEX, users should bring their own tokens of exchange contract before the date of transition.

Reacting to the announcement, tokens, REP looks much better than the vast majority of cryptocurrencies on the market and was even able to add a few percent. At the moment the price per coin Augur is nearly $53.