Leaving the main international airport of the Netherlands, you can now purchase cryptocurrency. 20 Jun Amsterdam Schiphol (Schiphol) announced that it has installed in its building a bitcoin ATM that passengers were able to convert euros into bitcoin and ether.

The ATM is mounted on a six-month trial period to gauge demand for this service from passengers. According to representatives of Schiphol became the first airport in Europe which offers a similar service.

Director of Schiphol on consumer goods and services Tanya dick says:

Our company is constantly looking for new ways to serve passengers. The bitcoin ATM will help to provide them a useful service, allowing to easily exchange the euros for the global cryptocurrency bitcoin and Ethereum. This can be useful if you spend a Euro at home is impossible.

If you find yourself in this airport, to find a bitcoin ATM in the arrival hall №2 (it is possible to get out of the departure Lounges 1 and 2 and from the shopping centre, Schiphol Plaza), and here’s how it looks:

The ATM was installed in partnership with the Dutch company ByeleX Solutions BV Data, providing corporate clients with the integration of cryptocurrency payments.

It is also worth noting that Schiphol is not the first airport in the world that supports digital currencies. In may, the outlets at the airport Australia Brisbane began to accept payment in cryptocurrency.