Indian national programme for advanced technology learning (NPTEL), jointly with the American technology giant IBM launched a 12-week online course on architecture, design and use of the blockchain.

The course has become India’s first educational programme for the study of the technology of the distributed registry.

The authorities noted the benefits of the technology, recognizing the correctness of the index of skills UpWork for the first quarter of 2018, which examines “skills blockchain” as the most “in demand in the technological industry.”

The course will cover several aspects of the blockchain, including fundamental design, structure, security, and new applications of technology. The program will provide an opportunity to develop a number of practical skills that will help when working with technology. To enroll for the course from July 2018.

All course materials will be available on the website of NPTEL for free, but to receive the certificate you will need to be paid online exam.

“The popularity of the blockchain moved from the cryptocurrency industry in the business sector in such industries as insurance, Finance, logistics, healthcare and the public sector”, — said Sandeep Chakraborty from Indian Institute of technology (IIT) in Kharagpur.

Chakraborty has developed this course in conjunction with the Manager of IBM’s smart contracts and blockchain Pravina Jayachandran.

“IBM’s collaboration with leading Indian scientists for the establishment of educational blockchain program reflects our desire to give the technology the opportunity to realize their potential and to meet the growing demand for adequate skills for students and developers”, — said Jayachandran.

Earlier, the company Mediaocean and IBM iX created a blockchain-a consortium specializing in the advertising industry.