ICON, one of the largest blockchain networks in the world, today announced a strategic partnership with first CryptoRandom Japan “B Cryptos”. The aim of the collaboration was a revival of the blockchain ecosystem in Japan and abroad.

B Cryptos — the first cription supported one of the largest venture funds of Japan’s B Dash Ventures, and Japanese cryptanalytic exchange QUOINE, which invests in various ICO and cryptocurrencies.

The new partnership led to further development of ICON who continues to expand the number of supported block chain, and thus contributes to the consolidation of an ecosystem of blockchains.

Together with the B ICON Cryptos will conduct kakafoni (forums for developers), conference, and manage programs designed to support the blockchain projects, reports cryptoninjas.net.

GAEC Kim (Kim JH), Council member of ICON, will join the Crypto Investment Committee of the Fund, and the CEO, B Dash Ventures ‘ Hiroyuki Watanabe (Hiroyuki Watanabe) will become a EA ICON.