Users of a decentralized OpenBazaar platform will be able to trade crypto-currencies with zero commissions for transactions. This was announced by the CEO of the developer company OB1 Brian Hoffman.

You will be able to trade your coins on @openbazaar for 0 fees. Zero. Not 0.00004% not 1 satoshi, nothing. Zilch. Free.

— Brian Hoffman⚡⚒🔫 (@brianchoffman) may 7, 2018

“You will be able to trade their coins on OpenBazaar without commissions. No 0.00004%. Not a single Satoshi. Nothing. Completely free of charge”, — he wrote.

To the question about fighting spam in the list of open orders Hoffman stressed that at the moment OpenBazaar more similar over the counter platform (OTC), and there’s no list of orders as such.

There’s no order book at the moment. It’s more like OTC.

— Brian Hoffman⚡⚒🔫 (@brianchoffman) may 7, 2018

Then, the co-founder of the platform Sam Patterson added that traders even can not uncover their personality.

Possibly even more important: you will be able to trade coins on OpenBazaar without needing to reveal your identity. Free and private cryptocurrency trading.

— Sam Patterson (@SamuelPatt) may 7, 2018

“Free and anonymous cryptocurrency trading” — he stressed.

OB1 previously, the company raised $5 million venture capital investment from Bitmain and the canadian OMERS Venture.