Specializing in the support of the ICO projects platform TokenSoft officially announced the addition of projects on the basis of the Protocol Stellar Lumens.

Today, we’re announcing our support for the @StellarOrg Blockchain. We quietly launched support in Q1 of 2018, now we’re making it official.


— TokenSoft Inc. (@TokenSoftInc) 11 September, 2018 R.

Co-founder TokenSoft Mason Borda noted that his team initially were skeptical about the solutions offered by Stellar project. However, over time the company revised its Outlook.

“We feel that infrastructure and a set of network tools Stellar reached the required level of maturity, says the Board. — We are pleased to inform you that if you wish to receive payments in XLM, we are ready to provide support”

TokenSoft helps startups meet the regulatory requirements of the United States and other countries, as well as providing services for the safe management of assets. Tools TokenSoft have used almost a third of the companies that held a successful ICO campaigns in August of this year.

Recently became aware of the project, Interstellar, specializing in technology Stellar. The project was launched after the acquisition of company Lightyear Corp. blockchain developer-solutions Chain.