Leading in trading volume of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance and the stock exchange of Malta signed a Memorandum of understanding in accordance with which will run the trading platform to trade the tokens with the properties of securities.

@MaltaStockExch pleased to announce an MOU signed with giant crypto @binance, to set up a security token Exchange.We are becoming a leading crypto centre of excellence. @JosephMuscat_JM @edward_scicluna @SilvioSchembri @cz_binance pic.twitter.com/F3T86y7g44

— The Malta Stock Exchange (@MaltaStockExch) 11 September, 2018 R.

Representatives of the Malta stock exchange (MSE) expressed hope that the new adjustable Playground will have an impeccable reputation, and fully meet all regulatory requirements.

The new financial Director Binance Wei Zhou expressed the view that the partnership with MSE will contribute to the development of block chain ecosystems in Malta.

“This partnership will allow Binance and MSE to translate traditional financial assets on blockchain technology” — he added.

ForkLog previously reported that intends to support Binance organized by the Malta stock exchange accelerator for blockchain-related startups.