IBM has launched a high-performance platform for cross-border financial transactions on the basis of the blockchain Stellar.

As noted PaymentsJournal, the American company presented the blockchain-the World Wire, which can any financial institution.

The main advantage of the new product is the possibility of instant transfer of funds anywhere in the globe. In addition, the operation costs will be much lower than with conventional payment systems. And the whole process of implementation of the transaction can be monitored in real time, but the security of transactions will remain at the highest level.

In the press center of IBM stressed that the use of blockchain-a platform for cross-border payments will 97% of the largest banks in the world. It is also known that in the development of a digital platform Wire World participated some of the financial regulators interested in increasing transparency of the operations of any assets.

IBM is on the list of IT giants exhibiting an increased interest in the blockchain. Its experts not only take part in the study of the potential of the technology of the distributed registry, but they run the blockchain products.