Technology giant IBM announced the launch of blockchain-systems for the sphere of cross-border payments on the basis of the Stellar Protocol, writes PaymentsJournal.

Thanks to the Stellar Protocol universal system Blockchain World Wire allows financial institutions to instantly carry out the clearing and cross-border payments. Among the advantages of IBM platform also called transparency, low cost, improved performance, simplified form of payment for transactions and a high degree of security.

According to a statement by IBM, the blockchain can benefit, 97% of the largest banks in the world included in the client base of the company.

The platform will support processing transactions digital currency Central banks. It is known that in the creation of an ecosystem Blockchain World Wire involved financial regulators.

IBM has announced the launch of the system on the basis of another Stellar October 2017. In may the head of the blockchain Corporation Jess Lund expressed support for the project Stellar. He stated that the decentralized platform is a scalable, high-performance bloccano open source and has a high flexibility. According to him, these advantages become decisive factors when choosing a partner for a project of IBM.

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