American experts believe that the Russian Central Bank can not only stabilize the exchange rate of bitcoin, but also earn on it.

According to the publication Investment Week, the Russian regulator in recent years, pursues a policy, directed on reduction of dependence of the financial system from the us dollar. Also there is talk that in the short term, Moscow could bet on the cryptocurrency.

“The Central Bank managed to generate record-high reserve of $ 462,1 billion. The accumulated funds can be an effective tool to protect Russian economy from geopolitical risks,” – says the publication.

The Central Bank aims to diversify its reserves by purchasing gold and foreign currencies other than the U.S. dollar. There is also the possibility that Moscow could pay attention to cryptocurrencies, in particular bitcoin.

Despite the decline in the value of bitcoin in 2018 (with total cost fell from 230,9 billion to 66.6 billion by the end of the year) if Russia dares to invest in these assets, it could change the rules of the game:

“If Russia will fulfill its investment plans, the CBR will receive one-sixth of all the bitcoins that eventually will greatly enhance the value of this digital asset.”

Thus, Russia can make billions on cryptocurrency investments. Currently, however, difficult to determine how much interest the Bank of Russia to these assets.

Recall, recently it became known that Russia wants to introduce a limit on the purchase of scriptaction population. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the draft guidance to the bill on digital of financial assets (CFA) included the proposal to limit the possibility of purchasing scriptaction unskilled investors.

It is expected that the Central Bank had set limits on the amount allowed per year, and the operators producing the tokens of the system will exchange data about customers, in order to avoid exceeding the limit.