Starting a new year, many people are inclined to give various promises, including the rejection of bad habits. Given this trend, the company’s specialists Niffler has created a calculator which you can use to calculate how much time does it take to buy 1 bitcoin if you invest in the purchase of the money that previously went to the Smoking.

For example, in Russia the person who smokes 1 pack of cigarettes a day, you’ll be able to buy bitcoin through 6 years 4 months and 4 days (at $4006,98). In the United States with the same consumption of cigarettes, the money will have to be postponed 1.5 years, and in Australia is only 6 months and 20 days.

To calculate how long it will take to a specific person, click here.

The creators of the calculator believe that this information can be a good incentive to quit Smoking. is a service that allows beginners to improve their trading skills by using the real-time simulation of the exchange of cryptocurrencies.