Over the past six months news in ICO disappointing — funding startups is declining rapidly, and the projects themselves often prove fraud or are unable to collect the minimum amount. But do not forget those bright ICO, which not only collected large sums of money in 2017, but successfully still exist — for example, Ethereum. So today we will talk about which ways to make money at ICO most promising.

1. Traditional, or the search good luck

If you already have money and you want to earn even more invested in the ICO, it would be logical to invest in promising start-up project. There are millions of guides on project selection. Just keep in mind that such investments go hand-in-hand with great risk, and blame in the loss of capital is certain. Therefore, always carefully study the projects in which you want to invest.

During the procedure, ICO you acquire a special project currency — tokens — for their own cryptocurrency. Tokens can then be used for various purposes — for bonuses, purchases of goods or services or subsequent sale at auction in the case of the company on the stock exchange. In General, only you can decide how to manage your money.

2. Speculative, or for those who like to gamble

Here, everything is obvious: you buy a token project with a discount from 10 to 50% of sales or at a very early stage of the official bidding and wait some time until the tokens will settle on a cryptocurrency exchange. After the token reaches the desired level, you sell.

The only obstacle may be the lack of demand, because the sale of tokens itself is not an easy task, but even harder to find buyers. But here speculators lucky. The fact that essentially no one versed in the cryptocurrency market due to the lack of its history. Thus, crowds of people flock to a new token, like bees to honey. That is, in the world of ICO, the market works according to the scheme “will offer us something — we buy everything”. Nothing extra — just speculation.

3. The distribution of Bounty or promotion in social networks

The project, which is aimed at success and attracting attention, got to get the audience, and for this the bonus programs (Bounty programs): users get free tokens by performing certain tasks. Bounty programs are held with the aim of attracting new customers, which will provide a steady flow of investment.

It all depends on how actively you participate in the program, how often, and what actions you need to perform and how many tokens issued by the organizers for the task. Thus, to a certain (fairly small) number of tokens without cash outlay.

But profit is rarely easy. You need to carefully read the draft, because some simply can not give you earn under Bounty-program tokens (just read the complaints on Github). So if you’re ready to fulfill all the conditions of the ICO project, not to sleep and spend personal time looking for free bonus — welcome to the world of Bounty.

4. Part of the ship, part of the team

This is also simple: get your 1-10% for membership in a team and devise a project and get money for its implementation. You don’t even need to buy tokens, you can invest the money in the traditional way and follow the stages of development according to the White Paper. And if the product will survive until the release, you will receive a profit, and very good, and most importantly — will make a profit for many years, unless you cash out all at once.

If you decide not just to invest but also to actively participate in the life of the project, and if you are a single investor, who had this idea, then the project is doomed to success. In the end, among the vast multitudes of sharks that want to quickly cash in on startups, investors with a long term perspective — a rarity.

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