The total computing capacity in the core network Bitcoin Cash as at 4 September amounted to 4.7 Exages/sec. It is less than 8% of Hasrat network of bitcoin.

Vice-President of the company Blockstream Warren the Tog has warned users about the allegedly very real threat of attack re-disbursement for the August blockchain fork individual hackers and hacking mining pools.

Update: BCH now below 8% hashrate relative to BTC.
Real risk of double-spend causing exchange insolvency.
* 6 hours and 20 confs wasn’t enough to protect against the exchange BTG theft.
* Vulnerable to single persons, intentionally or via hacked pool.

— Warren Togami (@wtogami) 4 Sep 2018

He also remembered the story about the “attack 51%” on the Feathercoin network, a fork of the Litecoin Protocol, which appeared in 2013. Then the developers decided the issue, imposing centralization. The tog has hinted that in the case of adverse developments, this history could repeat itself with Bitcoin and Cash.

Historic parallel from 2013
1/ FTC forked from LTC, competed for scrypt hashes.
2/ Like BCH, incompetent dev.
3/ Experienced crippling diff swings, added difficulty smoothing.
4* Huge reorg attack.
5* “Solved” the problem with centralization.
* = Next for BCH?

— Warren Togami (@wtogami) 4 Sep 2018

Recall that in late August, Hasrat bitcoin has updated a maximum at around 61.866 Exages/sec.

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