Cryptocurrency exchange Binance took a step toward the Russian-speaking users. September 4, the company first published a blog article about the “token of the month” in Russian.

Binance”s first announcement in Russian.

— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) 4 Sep 2018

Twitter users took the news with enthusiasm. There were those who suggested that the CEO Binance Canino Zhao next time in such a way to please the customers who speak the Portuguese language.


— Joe Grech (@JoeBGrech) 4 Sep 2018

Next you have to do in Portuguese @cz_binance

— Paulo Fox (@PauloFox20) 4 Sep 2018

The first article in Russian Binance related to “token month” GoChain (GO). According to the rules of the company, the coin will receive a free listing on the exchange.

We will note, in June Binance announced that it will once again by voting to determine the “token of the month”. The contest allows users to vote for their favorite projects and offer tokens, which, in their opinion, should work exchange.

Earlier it was reported about the verbal sparring between the co-founder of blockchain platforms Expanse Christopher Franko and CEO Binance Caninum Zhao. The dispute centered on the cost of listing on Binance.

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