Monday, July 2, the Japanese Internet giant GMO has launched a new, upgraded model of its 7-nm ASIC miner. The previous model, GMO miner B2, are already sold out. The new model, GMO miner B3, promises to show higher Hasrat when mining bitcoin and Bitcoin for Cash and sold at the same price as the previous $1999. This writes

The maximum level Hasrat the model B2 is 24 TX/sec. as the model B3 — 33 th/s. B2 consumes 1950 watts (81 W per TX/sec.); B3 can also work at this level, and at maximum hesreti (33 TX/sec.) will consume 3417 W (103 W per TX/sec.).

The company noted that miners sold at the stated price, will be available to buyers in November, and according to the customer model free B2 replaced by B3. GMO accepts payment in USD, bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash. All miners come with a guarantee of 180 days. The price includes two power supplies, delivery will be charged separately.

In addition to the more Hasrat, another innovation in the latest model of the miner was the optimization function Hasrat and power consumption depending on the complexity of mining. In the announcement, the company said

In the period of sale of GMO miner B2 several clients asked to add a feature to configure Hasrat, so we have accelerated the planned development of the feature, which is implemented in GMO miner B3 and will set the optimal capacity and power consumption.

The new feature has two modes: automatic and manual. The first will be to configure, Hasrat in accordance with the electricity costs that “vary depending on the complexity of mining and changes of global indicators Hasrat”. This should improve the efficiency of mining.

In addition, GMO has confirmed that purchasers of the B3 will get all the extras intended for B2. They include software updates and online status monitoring operations.

We will remind, in may, GMO presented a detailed plan for the development of its mining business, according to which the supply of Asimov was to be launched in October this year.