It took quite a long time after start, the core network cryptocurrency Bytom. Just in time for the network launch, the market was ACE for this coin from the company Bitmain, which has led to the uselessness of production of tokens on processors. For example, the model B3 Bitmain gave out 780 hashes per second with power consumption of 360 Watts.

However, time passed and, quite surprisingly, now the farms of Nvidia GPU can produce Bytom even more successful than “iron” miners. So if you have a farm on the “green” graphics cards, then perhaps you should look at Bytom. Of course, at the moment mine this currency is not too profitable, but to get and hold any cryptocurrency might be a good idea.

So, NebuTech BTMiner — it’s closed source, available for Linux and Windows and is designed for farms on the Nvidia hardware. The latest version is stable. However, the Commission, the developer is quite large — 3%, and documentation at the moment exists only in Chinese. On the other hand, enough information can “dig” on the pools, where are you going mine, be it F2Pool, AntPool or the other. The miner console, but it has a GUI, though as in Chinese.

Interestingly, even one GTX 1080 Ti already outperforms the ASIC Bitmain B3, not to mention the whole farm. Don’t forget to install the latest drivers for the graphics cards — on versions below 396 miner is not running. Also in there are settings for farms with a powerful processor, allowing to improve performance.

Note that overclocking memory speeds on graphics cards are not very affected by herate, but if you overclock the chip, the increase in performance is already noticeable. Also use the TDP settings to achieve the optimal ratio Hasrat to energy consumption.

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